A new beginning…

I’ve started and restarted this blog so many times I’ve lost count.  My usual failing?  That all important first post.  After much deliberation I’ve concluded that I’m placing too much importance on it, on the introduction, on the design and that I should just get it over with.

So here it is.  The first post of what I hope will be many.

The start of this blog was inspired by our move into our dream home as a means of loosely recording The Rest of Our Lives.  We’ve been here 10 months now and this is my first post.  Good going don’t you think?

The week before we moved we found out I was pregnant so the aim of the blog stopped being about us moving into our home and more about pregnancy and birth.  Still I wrote nothing, not even when I was on maternity leave with nothing else to do but sit on the sofa all day.  I did manage a bit of writing about my first trimester for the wonderful Any Other Woman, and I did keep a diary throughout my pregnancy so it may well be something I return to but for now I decided to stop looking back and look forward instead.

In February 2013 I met the 2 most important people in my life (besides G and the dog!), my wonderful daughters H & C (AKA The Peas).  I was bowled over by the immediate love I felt for them, even before I saw them as I was lying on the operating table and they had just been unceremoniously yanked out of my body I knew that this was it.  This was what I was born to do; to be a mummy; to protect, nourish and inspire these two amazing little beings (and any others that should follow them).

Life is good.  This is the new beginning, this is the inspiration that I needed and, now that I feel relatively human again, here I am – finally getting my finger out and writing because suddenly it’s not about me any more.


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