Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Thanks to t’internet there is a heap of information available to new parents these days, the majority of which will contradict everything else you’ve read.  Not massively helpful.  I drove myself mad reading and analysing and putting myself under immense pressure when The Peas were very small because I was comparing myself to others and setting myself unrealistic goals.  When I went back to basics and started trusting my instincts again things just fell into place and we have a happier household as a result.

All that being said, however, there are still snippets of information that I wish I had known before The Peas arrived and so I intend to, over a series of sporadic posts, impart that knowledge unto you.

Remember that all babies, even twins, are individuals.  What worked for us might not work for you so please don’t take any of this as gospel.  It’s not meant to be preachey and none of it will be a fail safe solution.  What it will be is a tale of what worked for us.  It will hopefully give you something to think about, a new avenue to pursue when everything else has failed and perhaps just some solace that you’re not alone.


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