Calling all creative types – I need your skills!

So, to give you a bit of background, many years ago G, his sister and a few friends started a small charity called Yaknak.  Yaknak currently funds 2 houses in Nepal which are home to 16 boys whom, without this support, would otherwise be living on the streets of Kathmandu.

Each year Yaknak do a big push on fundraising otherwise known as the Great Yaknak Challenge and usually this involves a lot of people getting sponsored to run increasingly long distances.  Running and me are not friends so this year I’ve been wracking my brains for alternative means to raise my allocation of funds since I no longer have pregnancy as an excuse for being lazy.

There appears to be somewhat of a baby boom going on at the moment and I’d like to gently tug on the heartstrings of all those parents out there whose children are fortunate enough not to have to beg on the streets of their capital city to fund their family by selling them lovely cosy handmade baby goodies just in time for winter with every penny I make going directly to Nepal.

This is where you come in… introducing Yakhats!!

On my own I’d probably be able to make a little bit of cash with my novice crochet skills but with even just one more person crafting away that would double… and so on and so on.  You get the picture.

Thanks to Aisling’s curiosity about my ‘charity hat’ pinning spree I’ve already enlisted 5 volunteers.  I’m overwhelmed.  I know there are more of you out there though so if any of you wonderful creative people out there are willing and able to donate a bit of time to this wonderful cause then please drop me a line at steffibaby[at]gmail[dot]com and get on board!

Every penny that Yaknak raise goes directly to the boys in Nepal keeping them off the streets, in education and in a stable home with food on the table.  Every.  Penny.  And in a country where a whole chicken costs around 60p, those pennies go a long way.

Who’s in?

You can find out more about Yaknak by visiting or by ‘liking’ their Facebook page.


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