Our #ShareAdvent Plans

Last year Anna over at Skin & Blister inspired everyone to embrace their festive spirit with ShareAdvent and I’m delighted that she’s running it again this year!!  Being less of a pregnant fatty with marginally more energy I’m hoping to be able to take part in more of the prompts than I managed last year, though that involves being organised which isn’t really my forte so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve got no concrete plans (shock) but here are the prompts which caught my eye;

(1) The first prompt is “Joy to the World” which is the carol that G and I walked back down the aisle to at our wedding so I’m going to have a flick through our wedding pics and have a wee reminisce with a mulled wine, a mince pie and a roaring fire.

(2) Write and send a letter. Well that just wasn’t ever going to happen.  I managed this post though, does that count?

(4) Last year I made this wreath and thoroughly enjoyed scavenging round the garden for all the bits so I’ll be doing the same this year but venturing into the village with the girls in their buggy for a wintery walk and some more foraging for other bits and bobs to include.

#shareadvent better late than never 🙂

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(6) & (7) The Pyjama Picnic prompt is on a Friday and both G and I will be at work so we’re going to combine this with organising some of our photos from the year and getting a load printed again. Since its H&C’s first year I’ve taken somewhere in the region of 5000 photos (overkill much?) so I’m not even going to attempt to organise them all in 1 day!

(11) Spread some cheer.  This is a Wednesday so I’ll be at work. If the decorations aren’t up by this point I will be spending my day Christmassing the place up!!

(12) Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. We have 2 new stockings to fill this year, 2 stockings which (all going to plan) will be handmade for H&C in time for Santa. If there’s time hopefully mummy and daddy will get some too!

(14) Take a family portrait.  We plan on doing this one at the same time each year so we can look back and see our family growing together.  We actually planned on doing it every 6 months but we didn’t manage to do one in the summer because nobody sat us down, made us plan a day for it and actually do it.  I’m sticking to this one if it kills me!  We’re going to collect our Christmas tree today so a family portrait in front of the tree seems fitting.

(16) Make a date with yourself.  I’m running a big fat bubble bath, pouring a bit fat glass of wine and I’m going to lock myself in until I look like a raisin. Job done.

(17) Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag. We’re watching Mary Poppins for this one! And putting out some fat balls for the birdies.  Added bonus; it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary!!

(19) I threaten to make tablet time and time again and I never do because it’s hot and sweaty and takes ages.  Plus, I can only make it when someone else is around to look after H&C because 10 month old babies, a 3 recipe which can’t be left alone even for a second at times and molten sugar don’t mix well.

(20) Oh star of wonder, star of night. We live in the country, I’m talking right out in the sticks, so when it’s a clear night you can see every star in the sky! Before bedtime we’re going to all get wrapped up cosy and have hot chocolates on the deck looking up at the stars and pondering our existence. As you do.

(21) Gingerbread Day. I’m postponing this until the 22nd as my one of my gorgeous nieces is coming to stay and she’s a dab hand in the kitchen so we’re going to attempt a gingerbread house together. I can’t bake though so she’s in for a rough ride.

(24) Our Family Tradition. We’re a new family together and it seems fitting that we should start some new family traditions of our own. I’ve seen a lot of ideas floating around the internet (OK, Pinterest) so I’m adapting some of them to be ours. Christmas Eve involves new jammies and slippers all round, a Christmas Movie together and a carol service. I’m looking forward to being a parent this year; hanging our stockings on the fireplace together and putting out some treats for Santa before tucking the kids into bed, pouring a wee dram, filling the stockings and setting the presents under the tree. It’s a new kind of magic and it makes me smile just thinking about it. The reality will likely be somewhat more frantic and less sugar coated but it will be magic all the same, because it will be ours.

(25) Christmas Breakfast. I’m seeing Cava and bacon rolls, still in our jammies and surrounded by a mountain of wrapping paper with the Christmas Album playing in the background.  That’s my happy place.

Which prompts jumped out to you this year?


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