Comfort > Quantity (AKA I’m getting old!)

I’m clearly knocking on a bit now.

I’ve been hunting for shoes to go with a GORGEOUS dress I bought for a wedding in May (for anyone who might be interested it’s Ophelia by Lindy Bop and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen) but I’m not having much luck.

No, just no.

Gorgeous, but wouldn’t last the day.

Seriously, can anyone even walk in these?

But then I fell in love!


I was told they wouldn’t go but I bought them anyway because, well, SALE!  Also COMFY!!

That then led me to thinking about all the pairs of shoes blister inflicting monsters I have languishing in the loft probably never to be worn again because 6” heels, 2” platforms, and blisters don’t make for happy, toddler pursuing feet.  And I made a pledge to invest in my shoes and no longer delude myself into thinking that a £5 pair of Primark heels are going to fit the bill.

And that’s how to justify buying shoes which are not the shoes you require for the event you are shopping for.

Now Hush Puppies have come a long way since my Granny wore them some 25 years ago.  They’re still comfy as hell but they’re also… beautiful!  These are just a few of the pairs I’m currently lusting over / hinting for (did I mention I turn 30 in the summer?);

Sunny days on the beach

Afternoon tea and cocktails

Beer garden, dinner and drinks

And no, I still don’t have shoes to go with my dress!  I’m now contemplating a new dress to go with my shoes.

And yes, I’m still refusing to part with all the shoes in my loft despite giving them the stink eye every time I go up there.

And no, despite the obviously grovelling nature of this post I wasn’t given any pairs of Hush Puppies to review, I just love them and felt that you all needed to know because your feet are important and deserve to be treated and not rammed into aforementioned £5 Primark heels.


2 thoughts on “Comfort > Quantity (AKA I’m getting old!)

  1. Did you get any outfit inspiration for the boots? Saw your tweet about what outfit to pair them with…
    Almost bought them myself, but rubbish at the whole styling sh’bang I couldn’t think what I would wear them with either! x

    PS is sh’bang a word?! 😉

    • steff says:

      I’ve got a couple of outfits in mind… not sure any of them will work for the wedding though sadly. I’m terrible at putting outfits together, my ideas of what goes really aren’t the same as anyone else’s and G doesn’t give two hoots so he’s no use either! xx PS sh’bang is TOTALLY at word!

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