Fun in the Easter Sun

I’ve made a few tentative attempts to get out in the garden this year with H&C however now that they’re both mobile it’s proving a little more difficult than anticipated.  We have a rather… rustic (read: wild) garden so it’s not exactly baby friendly and has meant that most of my attempts have failed in their infancy and we’ve ended up back inside gazing at the sun through the patio doors.

Not anymore though!!


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I took baby jail outdoors and the girls played happily for about half an hour while I hung up some washing but they soon got bored with being so confined and there just wasn’t enough room in there for me too so yet again we all ended up indoors.  I spent the rest of the afternoon cursing the lack of safe space in our garden and envying all those mummies with only one baby that they can safely romp about the garden with without having to plan a military operation first.

Our playpen is fab, it was a first birthday present to H&C from their great Nana and it’s saved my sanity on more than one occasion but out there in the garden it just felt so small!  I contacted Lindam to see if it was possible to buy extra panels and they told me it wasn’t, their playpens are not extendable.   Mega sad face.

Voluntary time in baby jail. Nutters.

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“But…” said a little voice in my head “the playpen is just a series of clipped together panels, surely if you could source another from somewhere you could join the two together?”.  And that’s what I did.  A very generous twin mummy who saw my begging post on the Edinburgh Twin Group for sale / wanted page on Facebook contacted me to say she would sell me hers.

The very next morning we hopped in the car and went to collect it and by that afternoon I was eagerly sat in the garden marveling at my own ingenuity desperate for H&C to wake up from their nap and give it a try.

Baby Jail v2.0 was born.  And we’re all very happy as a result… Roll on Summer!!

*disclaimer: Lindam have, in no way, endorsed / approved / encouraged the set-up that I have and I, in turn, accept sole responsibility for it.  Please don’t copy it. *worried face* no really, dont! *