Review: Plum Mighty 4 Snack Pouches

As H&C get older and more active it becomes more and more difficult to get food down their throats when we’re out and about, especially if there are no high chairs to hand to physically restrain them.  There have been ham sandwiches smeared up walls, incredibly well fed dogs and adults running around chasing toddlers with loaded spoons.  I’m sure these all sound familiar and you’ll be pleased to know there is a solution – pouches!

With most meal pouches, as soon as tots become old enough to hold them and feed themselves they’re supposed to move on to the next stage.  The problem being that the next stage isn’t quite so convenient and definitely requires attention from both adults and toddlers to be eaten, not to mention a highchair and a spoon.  That’s a little too much of an event for us so, when we’re on the move and since that’s the only time H&C really get pouches, we’ve stuck to the stage 2 and even stage 1 fruit pouches.

Until the lovelies at Plum sent us some Mighty 4 pouches to review anyway.


Mighty 4 pouches are aimed specifically at tots aged 1-3 so they’re PERFECT for my independent little ladies and since they come in a range of 3 different yogurty flavours they’re yummy enough to hold their attention right until the very last drop and beyond.  H can often be seen running around still desperately trying to sook out the dregs of a pouch long after it’s been finished.

IMG_0759 IMG_0762

The flavours are a bit… on the inventive side but the Peas seem to love them so someone in the Plum kitchen definitely knows what they’re doing!!  There’s a strawberry, kale & amaranth one, a sweet potato, blueberry & millet one and a purple carrot, blackberry & quinoa one.  All of them are mixed with greek style yoghurt and because they’re Plum you can be certain that all the ingredients, in whatever seemingly bizarre combination, will be 100% organic.  And, of course, each pouch counts as 1 of your active toddlers 5 a day.


I know, these aren’t Mighty 4 pouches but they are Plum at least and I just LOVE this photo so I thought I’d pop it in instead of the beach one that I tried and failed to get!

For anyone wondering (because I certainly was!) amaranth is a grain which is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron which are all important to little growing bones and active brains.

*Plum very kindly sent us some Mighty 4 for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own*


Review: L’orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss

My hair hasn’t been its natural colour since I was about 13.  No joke.  I couldn’t even tell you what my natural shade is.  From what I remember it’s a dull, kind of muddy shade of brown.  I’ve probably tried every brand of hair colour going at one time or another.  I’ve been blonde, I’ve been (and always seem to go back to) ginger, I’ve been black, and I’ve even been pink.  I miss my pink hair but that’s another story for another day.

Despite what you might think, my hair is in bloody good condition considering it’s been dyed every few months for the best part of 20 years (eek!).  Hair dyes are getting better and better all the time and usually give your hair a bit of nourishment at the same time (unless you’re straight up bleaching your hair, expect straw in that case).

So given my lifelong relationship with hair dye I jumped at the chance of trying L’orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss.  I was quite disappointed in the range of shades, if I’m honest, because I’m leaning towards proper gingery shades right now.  I picked out the most gingery looking one I could find, Chilli Chocolate, and eagerly awaited its arrival.  My hair needed done anyway as I had a wedding to go to so timing was rather fortuitous.

Here are some incredibly unflattering “before” photos to show you what my hair looked like before I started.

 IMG_0452  IMG_0450

IMG_0457The dye goes on wet hair, something I’m never keen on as I find it harder to ensure you cover all of your hair and, especially with longer hair, there is a tendency for the hair to tangle when it’s wet but hasn’t been conditioned.  That being said, there was more than enough in the bottle to cover all of my hair (I usually buy 2 packs as I have fairly long hair) and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the dye was to apply.  The gloves provided are obviously meant for someone with much smaller hands than mine though, I found them quite hard to get on which, in turn, made the application a bit more tricky as I didn’t have full range of movement in my fingers.

The instructions, however, were not so simple.  Lots of text made it quite difficult to track down the instructions for the specific stage of application that you’re at, even the time that the dye was to be left on for was hidden away.  I think this had a lot to do with the instructions being in multiple languages.

The dye has a pleasant smell, it’s not chemically and doesn’t go for your eyes, and there were no drips while the colour was developing which was handy because I was giving H&C their dinner and didn’t fancy dying either of them in the process!!

A lot of dyes these days give you enough conditioner for a few applications however there was only enough for the one application with Loreal Casting Crème Gloss and the bottle is an awkward shape so doesn’t stand up by itself and can be a slippery little bugger to get it all out.  I prefer the toothpaste style tubes that other brands give however that’s a personal preference because I’m a skinflint and like to make sure I’ve got every. Last. drop.

The colour washed out well, didn’t leave any residue on my towel (always a bonus) and was remarkably close to the colour on the box.  My hair felt lovely and soft after and had a gorgeous shine to it for the wedding.  I especially love how all the different tones show up when I wear curls.


Although it’s a bit darker than I would usually go I’m loving the colour and 3 weeks down the line it hasn’t faded at all.  My hair is still shiny, still silky smooth and still getting me loads of compliments!

* I’m a BzzAgent and was sent this pack of L’orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss free of charge to try however this was not dependant on a favourable review and all words and opinions are my own *

Things to do – East Links Farm Park

My gorgeous sister’s birthday fell on the May Day bank holiday this year so we hopped in the car and took a trip to East Links Farm Park near Dunbar and spent a lovely day cooing at the lambs and chasing after the Peas.  Now that they’re both on their feet it’s been great to give them a bit more freedom when we’re out and about and loosen our dependence on the buggy.






East Links has a nice mix of things to do for all ages with animals to feed, a giant fort to climb, a huge jelly belly trampoline (along with individual trampolines for the littles), soft play and, of course, the train!  Because what farm would be complete without a train?

After a good play going backwards on the tractors (we still have some difficulty co-ordinating forwards!) we ventured off to see some animals… and have a play on some other tractors!




There’s a track which follows through all the animal enclosures with little vending machines for animal feed along the way (buy your tokens before you set out… or bring an Uncle you can send back for some like H&C did!).  You can comfortably walk round and take a trip through the maze or hop on one of the family bike type go cart sort of things and let Mum and Dad do all the work.





There animals are a bit of an eclectic mix for a place which calls itself a farm… I’m not sure there are many farms in the UK which have wallabies but there you go.  There were also Darwin’s Rhea, Llamas, Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Rabbits and PIGLETS!!!  Ahem. Edit_EastLinks_014


A quick pitstop for lunch on the picnic benches in the middle of the park and it was off for a shot on the trampolines and a monster about the Fort.  When we reached the top we discovered that 2 of the turrets have picnic benches in them which would have been a perfect spot for lunch!  We planned on heading back up to have birthday cake there later but, when the time came, we were just too keen to eat the cake and we didn’t make it back up.  Also, you know, tractors.



After a wee trip in to see the chickens it was time for a jaunt on the train!  Very exciting.  It’s all included in the entry fee and the driver gives a good tour as you go round.  We rounded off the day quick visit to see (read: manhandle) the bunnies and decided to head home before H fell asleep on her feet.  Not before we had another shot on the giant chute though!!






Adult tickets cost £12, kids £9, 2 year olds £6 and under 2’s are free.  A family ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids will set you back £44 with a £1 per person after that.  It’s not the cheapest of days out but it is SO MUCH FUN that it’s worth a treat once in a while.  You can also become a member and (from memory, this information isn’t available on their website and, actually, was rather difficult to track down on the day) if you manage to make 4 trips in the year you’ll have made your money back.  They’ll even deduct your entry fee from that day.

I discovered while writing this post that I’d lost a few pictures that I took that day, some of my favourites, so we’ve already got another date in the diary to go back this summer with more of the clan to take some replacements!

We love East Links and every time we go it just seems to get better and better!  You can find out more information on their website or Facebook page.  The Facebook page is worth a follow just for the pictures of baby animals and tartan sheep!





Review: Plum’s Little Yums!

Plum very kindly got in touch to see if we would like to review some of their new range of teething biscuits!  We love a biscuit in this house so of course we jumped at the chance.  If you’re not familiar with Plum, they’re a UK based company who specialise in yummy organic baby & toddler foods whether it be pouches or yoghurts or snacks they’ve got something to fit the bill.

Little Yums come in 2 flavours, Pumpkin & Banana and Spinach, Apple & Kale and both went down a storm with H&C.  Unlike most teething biscuits these aren’t hard biscuits, instead they’re wafers made from buckwheat (along with other yummy fruits and veggies snuck in for good measure) so they provide just the right about of bite but are soft enough that the whole thing will get eaten before it’s forgotten about / mashed into the carpet / fed to the dog.  The other bonus of this is that they don’t turn to mush and end up all over your trousers or welded into your little ones hair!!

20140428-134124.jpg 20140428-134057.jpg

A big bonus for us was that the flavours weren’t too appetising for us parents therefore H&C’s supply didn’t suffer the usual mid evening snack raid!!

Each little packet comes with 3 biscuits but each biscuit can be further split into 2 which gives a lot of control over portions and means that you can eek out one little pack for a good couple of days.  With 6 packs in a box and a box only costing £2.50 (at Tesco) I reckon that’s pretty good value for money, especially when you consider that the ingredients are all organic!

20140428-134033.jpg 20140428-134019.jpg

It would be good if the little packets were resealable or if there was an option to buy a little travel container with your first box but other than that these were a definite winner in our house!!

*Plum very kindly sent us 2 boxes of Little Yums for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own*