Review: Plum’s Little Yums!

Plum very kindly got in touch to see if we would like to review some of their new range of teething biscuits!  We love a biscuit in this house so of course we jumped at the chance.  If you’re not familiar with Plum, they’re a UK based company who specialise in yummy organic baby & toddler foods whether it be pouches or yoghurts or snacks they’ve got something to fit the bill.

Little Yums come in 2 flavours, Pumpkin & Banana and Spinach, Apple & Kale and both went down a storm with H&C.  Unlike most teething biscuits these aren’t hard biscuits, instead they’re wafers made from buckwheat (along with other yummy fruits and veggies snuck in for good measure) so they provide just the right about of bite but are soft enough that the whole thing will get eaten before it’s forgotten about / mashed into the carpet / fed to the dog.  The other bonus of this is that they don’t turn to mush and end up all over your trousers or welded into your little ones hair!!

20140428-134124.jpg 20140428-134057.jpg

A big bonus for us was that the flavours weren’t too appetising for us parents therefore H&C’s supply didn’t suffer the usual mid evening snack raid!!

Each little packet comes with 3 biscuits but each biscuit can be further split into 2 which gives a lot of control over portions and means that you can eek out one little pack for a good couple of days.  With 6 packs in a box and a box only costing £2.50 (at Tesco) I reckon that’s pretty good value for money, especially when you consider that the ingredients are all organic!

20140428-134033.jpg 20140428-134019.jpg

It would be good if the little packets were resealable or if there was an option to buy a little travel container with your first box but other than that these were a definite winner in our house!!

*Plum very kindly sent us 2 boxes of Little Yums for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own*